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An online advertising has an added advantage over print or other advertising media in terms of the availability of brand message. When customers visit the website where the brand message is displayed they can easily go through it. Like an outdoor ad display, this ready availability of brand message is one of the assets of launching an ad campaign through internet media.

One of the major advantages of internet advertising over other mediums is that the brand is exposed to a wide target market through it. An online ad display is not limited to a particular region or country, anyone who comes across the website and sees the ad display can access the brand message. An online advertising message is also a customized means of communication. Customers do not feel pestered with the brand message through online media. They can either go through the brand message or simply click on close button to do away with the brand message. No other advertising medium provides this facility.

Internet is an ideal global platform for many products and services. Internet advertising is therefore the smartest means of brand communication. A brand or business advertised through online media can be accessed by customers from anywhere across the globe and also without any restraint of time factor. The message or information is available for 24 hours, 7 days a week, months and even for years. A website for a brand or business for example is one of the reliable means for anyone to access valuable information on the product or service. One can visit the website as many times as one prefers and also go through the information again and again. Repetitive readership is yet another advantage of creating an online presence of a brand or business.

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